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    BE BRAVE &


    At Wanxiang America Corp, we take the path that is less traveled.

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    Fisker Automotive is poised & ready for a new beginning.

    Dawn of a New Day

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    The Karma is an extraordinary achievement in design and aspiration.
    With a talented team behind the wheel, we're confident in a bright future.


    What's New?

    New Future

    The New Fisker, under Wanxiang America Corp ownership, will reintroduce “fun” to the driving experience.  It will keep its nimble, green roots to create a new type of Automotive OE company.  The New Fisker will display ingenuity and creativity, while keeping the roots that Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler planted.

    New Leadership

    Wanxiang America Corp. has a track record that spans many years of success.  As one of the largest automotive parts makers in the world “We Know Automotive”, and yes we have been accused of being “Car Guys”.  Under the leadership of Wanxiang America Corp, The New Fisker will deliver on promises and execute on future plans.

    New Direction

    “Green”, that is what Bernhard Koehler and Henrik Fisker set out to accomplish and we will take it to the next level.  Wanxiang has a deep history of investments in Green Technology.  With Wanxiang America Corp’s major focus on making the world a better place through Green Technology, you will see The New Fisker create greatness.

    Who is Wanxiang America Corp.?

    Wanxiang America Corporation, based in Chicago, is the U.S. home office of Wanxiang Group Companies China. U.S. companies and customers can deal in U.S. dollar currency and U.S. contracts when working with China. Involved in automotive and industrial markets in the U.S., Wanxiang America is the source for all of Wanxiang Group/China’s products in the United States. Also based here is the American arm of the America-China Bridge Program, a unique program to give American companies an inside track when trading with China.

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    “For me it was never about starting my own company just to make another car. When I made the decision together with Barney [Koehler], we said we wanted to make something special.” – Henrik Fisker

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    Welcome to a Beautiful Future